Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Filter text in PHP with str_replace

This trick is usually used to filter out comment or message to be displayed normally in the guest book form. For example words - words that included "bad php" after the submit it displayed "good php". Create a still hooked to the web 1.0 I'll try to share what little I know. Perhaps this is one of the few tricks that can be used to filter out comment in php. Let us use the hassle of congenital str_replace function of php itself'll not bother to make their own functions. to consider the function is as follows str_repalce str_replace (the first parameter, second parameter, the third parameter) * The first parameter: this is a word or phrase that will be filtered * The second parameter: this is a substitute word for the first part * The third parameter: this is a word or phrase that will be filtered


citromduro said...

kunjungan balik

tidak bisa komen sekedar isi aja, bancaya sulit sih

JALOE said...

php.. ehm ane belum nyampe uy..

Cyril said...

Thanks a lot!

When learning php this tutorial on str_replace and the tutorials at Bright-Tutorials were helpful to me.

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